Short Facts


Form of Government: Constitutional monarchy, with parliamentary democracy. Elections are held every four years. The reigning Monarch is considered to be Head of State but in reality he/she has a purely symbolic and representative function.

Religion: The Church of Sweden is Evangelical Lutheran.

Electricity: Power is 230v AC, 50 HZ.

Number of islands in Sweden: 267,570 (most in the world)

Population: 10,4 million

Currency: Swedish Kronor (SEK)

Capital City: Stockholm

Language: Svenska (Swedish)

National Day: 6 June

International Dialing Code: +46

Total Land Area: 528,447 sq km, 3rd largest country in Western Europe

Administrative Counties: 21

Gamla Stan, Stockholm

Education: Nine years of compulsory schooling, but most students continue to the three year upper secondary school.

Most important export goods:

  • Machinery and transport equipment.

  • Chemical, plastic and rubber products.

  • Electronics- and telecommunications equipment.

  • Energy products, industrial machinery and road vehicles.

  • Mineral and food products.

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