Transport and Driving

Public Transport

Public transport in Sweden is well established around the major cities. You are able to get around and to the cities and other Counties/Regions by train, bus or ferry easily and it is quite affordable and better for the environment. Public transport is managed and operated by the County/Region you live in.

Be sure to research and explore the public transport options available in your city and region.

Driving in Sweden

Sweden is one of the safest countries to drive, in the world. They pride themselves on the least number of fatal vehicle accidents and those numbers tend to decline every year.  The driver training is quite an intense process and the results speak for themselves. The driver testing and traffic administration are done by the Trafikverket (Swedish Transport Administration). Below are links to the official motor vehicle driving license information.

Useful resources to prepare for your theory test:

The theory test is designed to test your comprehension of the rules and laws of the road. The preparation for the theory test should not be taken lightly, but would require you to use the resources mentioned above to prepare. It is common for most learner drivers to fail the first attempt. Even experienced drivers needed to put in more effort.