Buying Property

6 Quick Tips

Six quick tips on the way – home!


Get a good idea about the property market and its price levels – Study statistics and property advertisements at, for example,, or estate agents’ own websites.


Make sure you obtain a written mortgage commitment – Talk to several banks about financing the property and the rules that apply in Sweden.


Go to several property viewings – Visit different residential areas and go to lots of viewings to get an idea of where you want to live and which criteria you are looking for in your future home.


Remember that bids are not binding and that nothing is final until both buyer and seller have signed the contract.


Ask the estate agent lots of questions and use their knowledge – Estate agents in Sweden are engaged by the seller but must also represent the interests of the buyer.


Don’t forget to investigate the property – In Sweden the buyer has an extensive obligation to investigate. Investigate the property you wish to buy thoroughly and engage an inspector if required. If you are planning to buy a housing cooperative property, it is also important to investigate the association’s finances.

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